Annual Competition Standings

Listed below are the Challenge Series competitions tracked by WUCA. For the Year Rounder competition, click on the link below, or here, to see the current standings and results.

To see current year race competition standings, click on the links next to each series. For prior years, visit the link for the Challenge Series desired, then select the year of interest from the drop-down menu.

FOR 2020 RESULTS, please click here.

Current year results are constantly changing, based on uploading of race results throughout the year. If you see an error in your own performances, please feel free to contact us at

  Please visit (this page) to learn more about the new annual challenge series, as the rules for these series may change for each year.

World Cup

(points calculated off-line. For up to date standings, contact

Timed Series

Distance Series

  • Double Century
  • Ultra-Distance
  • Race Miles

Year Rounder

Standings prior 2021    Current Standings

Please note: the standings and results are based entirely on data submitted by race organizers and individual members. If one or more race results are not listed, members must directly contact the appropriate race organizer.

Any corrections or questions should be submitted to