Bernhard Steinberger

Bernhard Steinberger

Posing, Germany

December 7, 2020

Why should someone try ultracycling for the first time?

Its funny, ultracycling is a personal, physical and mental challenge. To practice this extreme sport requires time, discipline, perseverance and ambition. Sports are not extremely suitable for everyone, but I advise trying.

Why do you compete in ultracycling?

To prove it to myself and to look for new challenges

What is the single best lesson you have learned from ultracycling?

Not reaching the way, did not finish ( DNF ) is not a option! The way is the goal!

Bernhard is a true champion—here are his palmares

  • 1xWorld Record Static Cyling 24 Hours
  • 2x AK-Weltmeister
  • 1.Platz World Cup of UltraCycling Male 18-49 (WUCA)
  • 1x European Champion (WUCA)
  • 2x Vize Europameister (WUCA)

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