Greg Canderacci

Greg Canderacci

Baltimore, MD

October 30, 2020

Why should someone try ultracycling for the first time?

You should try ultracycling because you don’t know what you can do until you do it. It’s an enormous challenge and confidence-building exercise that enriches your entire life.

Why do you compete in ultracycling?

I do not compete to win (although that sometimes happens, at least in my tiny age group).  I’m always competing against myself.  It’s a way to stretch and discover who you really are

What is the single best lesson you have learned from ultracycling?

The best single lesson I have learned from ultracycling is that, no matter how good or bad you feel, soon it will change.  Wether it’s COVID or a 1200k, this too shall pass.

Career high points

  • Completing Paris-Brest-Paris — twice
  • Completing the 1001 MIglia Italia (1,001 miles)
  • Qualifying for Race Across America — three times in three different ways
  • Riding across the country with PACTour — twice — and the last time in 2015 in just 18 days
  • Winning the WUCA age group 12-hour championship last year
  • Winning the Michigan 24-hour age group championship last year
  • Still riding at 71!