John Lee Ellis

John Lee Ellis

Lafayette, CO

November 20, 2020

Why should someone try ultracycling for the first time?

If you love cycling, and are curious about a more expansive experience, give ultracycling a try. The hours, days, and distance of ultra rides will open up a whole new world that is qualitatively different and can be profound.

Why do you compete in ultracycling?

Most of my ultra riding has not been competitive. I do it to challenge myself. And then, too, it's become kind of a way of life, as for so many of us.

What is the single best lesson you have learned from ultracycling?

Persistence and mental toughness are so important to our sport, and must be constantly trained and practiced. And a good life lesson outside of ultra.

My first 1200k (Boston-Montreal-Boston), highest mileage in the UMCA Year-Rounder, Capron RAAM Qualifier, organizing randonneuring events in Colorado, including the Last Chance 1200k and the High Country 1200k ... and riding with ultra friends - sharing the fun and suffering over those many long hours.