Marc Aschmann

Marc Aschmann

Stuttgart, Germany

November 27, 2020

Why should someone try ultracycling for the first time?

I think ultracycling and ultrarunning are the best ways to know yourself better and to see your entire life on a different view: What is really important? Why working 60 hours a week is useful or rather senseless?

Why do you compete in ultracycling?

And you are travelling slow-motion – enjoying incredible landscapes, dawns, sun-downers, new friends, and nature  with all its aspects. And all this environmental-friendly.

What is the single best lesson you have learned from ultracycling?

A lot of people don`t understand us, 100 % of them didn`t try ever in life for themselves. Ultracycling could be considered senseless, but makes us happy, feeling good.

If this is senseless, Tennis, Football, sunbathing at the beach for days or Hangover after long parties are senseless, too…

  • Grossglockner-Bike-Challenge Heiligenblut/Austria, at the finish on top of the Franz-Josephs-Höhe 2369 m, with the Grossglockner behind me.
  • Powerman Zofingen/Switzerland, Long Distance Duathlon World Championships with a 150 km 3600 m altitude gaining bike-split, running 30 k afterwards: look at my old-school, 15 years old Aluminium Bianchi bike, the oldest bike in the grid!
    • No Aerobar or drop-shaped helmet… Only myself is older.
  • Biel 100 km (ok this was a run, not a bike event)
  • Eigertrail E101, 101 km 6500 m altitude gaining non-stop, with the Eiger north face behind me.
  • Irontrail Davos/Switzerland, the most difficult ever ultraevent in my life – Trailrunning 217 km, 11.000 m overall altitude gaining, non-stop, 18th place – pictures shows Maloja-Pass near St. Moritz at km 92 after a bitter-cold night run at the dawn of a new morning and rising temperatures