Paolo Della Sala

Paolo Della Sala

Milan, Italy

December 24, 2020

Why should someone try ultracycling for the first time?

 I believe the most fascinating aspect Ultracycling is you can measure the width of your freedom: the more road you ride, the more you feel free!

Why do you compete in ultracycling?

Everyone needs to give an ‘epic’ print to his own life: competing in Ultracycling is a good method

What is the single best lesson you have learned from ultracycling?

I have learnt that at the bottom of the well you can find unknown energies and that in the fatigue you can find unsuspected aspects of yourself.

I have set 4 world records on June the 15th 2019 (100km, 100 Miles, 200Km and 6 hours) in the over 60 male category (solo bike).

In 2020 I won the European championship (over 60, men) in the 12 hours race at Montello (Treviso - Italy);

I understood Ultracycling could have been a challenge after a 12 hours race I won in 2018 in the Monza autodrome covering more than 417 km. Previously I had completed, among other, a Paris Brest Paris, a London Edinbourgh London and a 1001Miles.

My 'best' defeats?

The most frustrating have been the withdraw from the "Transcontinental" 2017 and from the "1000 du Sud" 2015 after having spent a lot of energy in training and preparation.