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Julie Lyons and Jerry Schemmel – Colorado: N-S – August 20, 2018

Rider’s Narrative Summary - Cross Colorado North to South This was a record attempt crossing Colorado from North (Cheyenne, WY) to South (Raton, New Mexico) by Julie Lyons and Jerry Schemmel on August 20, 2018 starting at 5:43 am from the zero mile marker on Hwy 85 on the Wyoming/Colorado state line. Conditions were brisk but clear. We were surprised at the amount of traffic along Hwy 85 early on Monday morning but apparently, many folks live outside of and commute to Greeley. Who knew? We literally had traffic on most of this route until after Pueblo so you must enjoy riding with cars to attempt this record. We are attempting four records this summer and this was number 3 of 4. We are making these record attempts while fundraising for a local literacy program for children. We were lucky in that the weather was relatively mild for this attempt with temperatures in the high 70’s. We did face quite a bit of headwind for most of the route and smoky air conditions due to multiple fires in CA blowing our way. We both brought and rode a road bike and a TT bike. We used the TT bikes during [...]

Julie Lyons and Jerry Schemmel – Colorado: N-S – August 20, 20182018-10-14T22:25:14-07:00

Karen Taylor – 100 Km outdoor track – August 8, 2018

      Rider’s Narrative Summary Record attempt by Karen Taylor Age 52 Masters Category Attempt date: 08/08/2018 at 10:00 am GMT Held at Quibell Park Outdoor Velodrome – Length 485m, surface macadam, degree of banking at ends 45 degrees, degree of middle of banking at middle of straights 12 degree’s, length of straights 100m. The conditions were warm at 23.3 celsius and as the attempt went on the wind picked up with short gusts hitting me into the bends and along the back straight causing balance issues. The idea of doing a track record attempt was thought of as I followed President Chris Hopkinson’s successful attempt on same track; Was this something I could do – having never ridden track? As year progressed I joined UMCA and the idea took hold.  Aged 52 a keen TT cyclist always looking for something different to do, this just really appealed to me – Ive always been good at the longer distances but having been involved in a road traffic accident with car  meant that I have been unable to race 100 mile TT’s recently. I also wanted to show other athletes with a pacemaker that you can return to sport and [...]

Karen Taylor – 100 Km outdoor track – August 8, 20182018-08-19T22:00:21-07:00

Ziortza Villa – Camino de Santiago – July 26, 2018

  RECORD ATTEMP RONCESVALLES TO SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA My name is Ziortza Villa and I am an ultra cyclist rider. After having taken part in both long distance national and international events, I decided to establish a record and thus be the first woman rider to establish a record from Roncesvalles in Navarra to Santiago de Compostela in Galicia. I carried out the event on the 25th and 26th of July 2018. I parted from the Roncesvalles guest house called “La Posada” at 13:00hrs on July the 25th, festivity of Santiago, patron saint in Spain, on a hot and superb summer day. After riding through “Navarra” and “La Rioja” at sunset, I arrived in Burgos, not before climbing the “La Pedraja” mountain pass which has an altitude of 1,150mts. I then rode through the night with a mild temperature and a full moon from Burgos to Astorga where I saw the sun rise. During the night, Julian Sanz my colleague rider on the men´s attempt for the same record, who had parted from Roncesvalles later, finally overtook me. After riding in the morning hours along the roads in the province of Leon, I reached Villafranca del Bierzo and started to [...]

Ziortza Villa – Camino de Santiago – July 26, 20182018-08-17T21:50:44-07:00

Julie Lyons and Jerry Schemmel July 24, 2018 – Colorado East to West record

Riders Narrative Summary - Colorado East to West Julie Lyons, Jerry Schemmel July 23-24, 2018   This record attempt was Cross Colorado from East to West. This was a mixed two person team of Julie Lyons (61 years) and Jerry Schemmel(59 years). We started at the Colorado/Kansas State Line on State Hwy 50 east of Holly, Colorado at exactly 5:03 am on July 23, 2018 and followed State Hwy 50 through La Junta, Pueblo, Canyon City, Salida, Monarch Pass, Gunnison, Montrose, Delta, Grand Junction, Fruita and finished at the Colorado/Utah State Line on Hwy 50 just west of Mack, Colorado at 8:33 am on July 24, 2018. Road conditions were good, traffic was relatively light with the exception of Pueblo where there was some construction and heavier traffic. We had a crew of 12 with 2 follow vehicles and one RV to house resting crew. We provided all meals and food for the crew and also had our specific race nutrition in our personal follow vehicles. Crew changed out every 4-8 hours depending on terrain. We are attempting to set 4 records this summer and this was number two! Best part was riding! Worst/hardest part was Monarch Pass which is [...]

Julie Lyons and Jerry Schemmel July 24, 2018 – Colorado East to West record2018-08-06T21:40:57-07:00

Julián Sanz – Camino de Santiago record – July 26, 2018

http://www.ciclismoafondo.es/competicion/noticias-resultados-ciclismo/articulo/reto-julian-sanz-completa-camino-santiago-menos-24-horas https://www.triatlonweb.es/noticias/articulo/julian-sanz-completa-el-camino-de-santiago-en-23-horas-37-minutos https://ridewithgps.com/routes/28006199 JULIAN SANZ RECORD: • Record attempt, POINT TO POINT RONCESVALLES - SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA (Camino de Santiago) • Name of rider: Julián Sanz García • Start date and exact start time to the nearest minute: Record Start Date: 2018-07-25 / 16h13min00sec • Exact start location described so that someone else could find the same spot. In the town of Roncesvalles, in front of the hotel "La Posada" where it indicates the beginning of the town of Roncesvalles. • What were conditions like? Sunny day, 23 degrees of temperature, north wind and with forecast of storm. • Why did you want to do a record? In 2006, 2007 and 2008 I made the attempt to do it in 24 hours with the aim of publicizing the specialty of ultracycling in Spain. Now eleven years later the objective has been to know what I have improved as an athlete in this specialty. • What equipment did you use? I used a TT bike on the flattest part of the course. Anything special? An important feature is that we expect to determine the day of the record when the weather conditions were the best to achieve it, which made it much [...]

Julián Sanz – Camino de Santiago record – July 26, 20182018-07-31T23:20:17-07:00

Looby-Wolcott Illinois W-E 2 person team record July 21, 2018

Rider’s Narrative Summary by Keith Wolcott Record attempt: Illinois W-E 2 person team Name of rider(s): Keith Wolcott (this report), John Looby Start date and exact start time to the nearest minute:  Saturday July 21, 2018;  4:58 a.m. CST Start location: Illinois/ Missouri state line sign on the Clark Bridge over the Mississippi River. The weather was excellent.  The high was only about 78 and we had a pretty nice tailwind. Our crew consisted of Ellen Wolcott (my 2014 RAAM and 2016 NCOM crew chief), Marcus Ricci (RAAM crew and NCOM crew and has now crewed with us five times!), Judy Looby (RAAM off-site crew, NCOM crew, Cross-State record crew last year), and Jerry Boyd (RAAM off-site crew).  Our Official was Melissa Boyd (RAAM off-site crew). The crew kept us very close to 15 minute shifts so we could push hard and then rest for 15 minutes. It was my first team event and I enjoyed it. Three of the main challenges of solo ultracycling are hydration, getting enough calories, and not going so hard that you blow up.  With a team and regular breaks, these issues are not difficult to manage so it is much easier to stay on [...]

Looby-Wolcott Illinois W-E 2 person team record July 21, 20182018-07-31T18:25:24-07:00

David Meridith – Ohio West to East – July 14, 2018

Congratulations to David Meridith for setting the Ohio West to East record in the Grand Master (60-69) Standard category. He finished in 13 hrs 35 minutes for 232.6 miles at an average speed of 16.90 mph. Here is his story: Ohio West to East  July 14, 2018   The idea for attempting the Ohio West to East record was hatched shortly after I broke the Ohio North to South record two years ago.  It wasn’t my idea, though!  Michael Johnston, who was my crew chief for that attempt thought it would be a fun thing to do.  He enjoyed the first experience so why not go again?  I am gullible, I guess, and set it up for July 14, 2018. The reason I chose this date was because our college friends Tom and Marsha Taylor, who now live in Davis, CA,  would be visiting relatives in Youngstown, Ohio and we arranged to meet after the attempt and spend some time together.  As it turned out, this was fortuitous since having them waiting for me at the finish gave me the extra little something to continue the ride when the going got tough.  And it did… My crew for this attempt [...]

David Meridith – Ohio West to East – July 14, 20182018-07-30T01:47:57-07:00

Beatriz Baeza – Outdoor Road Records June 2, 2018

Record attempt: 100, 200, 300, 500 km and miles, 1.000 km 6, 12 and 24 hours  on road by  Beatrz Baeza. At 00:07 a.m. of June 2nd 2018 I began my attempt to beat 12 world records of cycling on road at the roundabout between the M-307 and the M-404 (Ciempozuelos, Spain). In a course of 10,9857 km I had to ride 91 laps and 301 m This spring has been the rainiest and the windiest of recent years, which has greatly hindered my preparation for this event. The weather forecasts for the days of the attempt also announced rain from 3 in the morning and during the following 24 h. I was, then, prepared to get wet for several hours. The night also presented cold (10 ºC) for the time of year in which we were. I felt excited, relaxed and with strength I used my standard carbon bike to which I put an aero bar. Fran Vacas left me his disc rear wheel and his tri spoke front. A few days before I discovered that the rear fork was defective, but there was no time to repair it, so I was worried if I could not use it [...]

Beatriz Baeza – Outdoor Road Records June 2, 20182018-07-02T01:06:08-07:00

XColorado South – North June 1, 2018 Jerry Schemmel, Julie Lyons

Rider’s Summary XColorado South - North June 1, 2018 Jerry Schemmel, Julie Lyons The record that was attempted was a cross Colorado state record from the southern border between New Mexico and Colorado the northern border between Colorado and Wyoming traveling south to north. Riders were Jerry Schemmel and Julie Lyons. Starting date and time were 07:53 am on May 31, 2018 from the top of Raton Pass and finishing at 00:09 am on June 1, 2018 at the Colorado/Wyoming border located south of Cheyenne. Start location was at the zero mile marker located just under the Welcome to Colorado sign on the east side of I25. Conditions were mostly pleasant with heat peaking in the low 90’s with a significant wind starting in Colorado Springs and changing directions many times over through the course of the ride. This is the first attempted record out of what we hope will be four records this summer. Both riders interchanged bikes depending on the terrain between road and time trial style bikes. The riders rode in 5-10 mile increments depending on the terrain and weather. We used two support vehicles, one for each rider which carried our crew, safety gear, food, fluids, [...]

XColorado South – North June 1, 2018 Jerry Schemmel, Julie Lyons2018-06-10T19:55:14-07:00

Peter Horton – 100Km record – 50-59 Male Standard – May 6, 2018

Rider’s Narrative Summary Record Attempt: - 100 Km Distance Road Solo Rider: - Peter John Horton, 51 years old, United Kingdom Crew: - Danny White, Lesa White and Luisa Mabee Eddlemon Officials: - Gerald “Gerry” Eddlemon, James Galo and Mickey Ledbetter At 8.00.00 am of May 6th 2018 I finally got toattempt to achieve the 100 Km Distance Road Solo at Lumberton North Carolina which was Nationally Certified by Danny White – USATF/RRTC in June 2017. I started on Hilly Branch Road (Hwy. 301) just South of US Hwy. 74 and completed the first loop of 32.19 miles and then finished the 100 Km at Hwy. 74 at the intersection with State Road #1159 at I like a goal to aim for and after coming third in Sebring 24hr ride with a distance of 402.8 miles in 2017 and being fascinated with Graham Obree and Chris Boardman’s record efforts obviously I’m nowhere near their fantastic standards. I contacted Drew Clarke (Records Chairman) re attempting world records at longer distances. He was extremely helpful and sent me details and people to contact. Drew put me in touch with Jim Parker (Winner of Male US National Century race 2017) and Gerry [...]

Peter Horton – 100Km record – 50-59 Male Standard – May 6, 20182018-05-20T19:33:42-07:00
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