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Wales – E-W Matthew Stevens 4-27-2018

At 0819hrs on 27/04/18, I, Matt Stevens, set off on a WUCA world record attempt at breaking the record for the fastest crossing (East to West) of Wales. The start was on the A44, west of the English town of Kington, at the junction with the B4594. The weather was extremely poor. 5 degrees with a wind-chill factor bringing it down to -1 degrees C and heavy rain made for a very wet and cold start, but an advantage of a slight tailwind for the first section of the route was very welcome! I wanted to attempt a record as a good way of entering the world of ultra-cycling. After a number of years cycling smaller distances, ultra-cycling has always been in the back of my mind! My bike was a Specialized Roubaix. Not a particularly fast bike, but nethertheless one that I am comfortable doing the bigger miles on. As the attempt wasn't a mega amount of miles, fuelling was quite simple, about 4 energy bars, 4 bottles of SIS and 2 gels got me there. The hardest part was by far the first half of the route as it was very cold and was torrential rain, which managed [...]

Wales – E-W Matthew Stevens 4-27-20182018-11-07T04:11:59-07:00

Texas W-E Dex Tooke 4-11-2018

Rider's Narrative Summary by Dex Tooke Record attempt : Texas W-E long Start date and exact start time to the nearest minute: April 7, 2018 20:57 CDT Exact start location described so that someone else could find the same spot: Intersection of W. Paisano Dr and Ewald Kipp Way, El Paso, Texas What were conditions like? Calm winds and heavy traffic at the start. Headwinds going up Guadalupe Mountain Climb (113 mile). Tailwind push from Carlsbad (mile 148) to West of Lamesa (308 mile), Strong, gusty headwind from East of Snyder ( mile 371) to Breckenridge (mile 492), Headwind from Breckenridge to Bowie (mile 587), Cross/headwind from Bowie to Texarkana (mile 823). Road conditions were good/bad, off/on throughout the entire ride. Texas coughed up some of the worst chipseal I've ever seen. Why did you want to do a record? I already held the Texas N-S long record and I thought it would be super cool to have my name for both N-S and W-E. What equipment did you use? Anything special? ● My primary bike was a November road bike with Shimano Di2 components, Syntace Aero Bars, Speedplay pedals, Alloy wheels and White Industry Hubs. ●My back up bicycle [...]

Texas W-E Dex Tooke 4-11-20182018-04-30T23:56:28-07:00

Chris Hopkinson Outdoor Track Records

Name – Chris Hopkinson Start Date and time: March 23, 2018 7:10pm Location: Quibell Park Track, Scunthorpe England Records attempted: 100Km, 200Km, 300Km, 500Km 100Mile, 200Mile, 300Mile, 500Mile, 6hr, 12hr, 24hr Category: Men 50-59 Standard bike Summary: Conditions were wet, raining, and cold (1 C). I wanted to do the records to get the 500 mile as I already have most of the others. I also wanted a good 6hr, 12hr, 24hr, and 500 mile counter for all those WUCA/UMCA 2018 Competitions. I used my EVO2Max Kronos + Nebula bikes and apart from 1 burger used only Hammer Nutrition. Best Part: The best part was finishing Hardest Part: The hardest part was all of it because of the extreme conditions – cold & wet! No unusual happenings. I finished at 4:53:32.4 am on Sunday March 25, 2018 The clocks went forward 1 hr for daylight savings time during my attempt. Chris Hopkinson Final Official Certified Results: Distance Event Kilometers Official Time Avg Sp (Kph) Avg Sp (Mph) Existing records 50-59 Men Std new record 100 Kilometer outdoor track 2:47:49.02 35.75 22.22 Chris Hopkinson 50 UK Solo Standard Men 50-59 2017-09-29 00:02:48:13 yes Distance Event Miles Official Time Avg Sp (Mph) [...]

Chris Hopkinson Outdoor Track Records2018-04-09T00:17:52-07:00

Steven Abraham HAMR record

Steve Abraham 2017 HAMR report I set off at midnight on March 3rd, 2017 with Matt Seward, who had ridden a few training rides with me. On that first day I clocked 319 miles and it felt easy and was a good start to my year. The next few days went well and I felt comfortable for the rest of the month averaging around 230 miles a day. I was riding for around 95-100 hours a week, not including stops and from my power meter, my fitness seemed to be improving. On into April and I could see signs of improvements in my fitness and my speed was increasing slightly, but my mileage had dropped, which did puzzle me because I thought that I was spending the same number of hours on the road. Looking back at my rides on Strava, I probably was spending roughly the same time out on the road but was stopping for a bit longer so was riding a few hours less each week. The decrease in mileage didn't concern me very much because I could see the increase in speed and the weather was improving. I had the whole of summer to catch up [...]

Steven Abraham HAMR record2018-03-26T15:02:40-07:00

Jonathan Shubert ride report for Muscat- Salalah, cross country record attempt, Oman

Muscat- Salalah, cross country record attempt, Oman Solo rider- Jonathan Shubert Start 6:10 -11th February 2018 Finish 5:31 -13th February 2018 6:10 Sunday 11th February 2018 saw me depart from Al Alam palace, Old Muscat Oman (Longitude: 23.612731176549353 Latitude 58.59390061173099). The support from cyclists, friends and media who came to see me off is vivid in my mind, so too was the gastroenteritis I developed the night before; the level of dehydration this added to my body before the start was surely catastrophic, but something I had to hope I could marginally compensate for with the water and electrolyte supplements I was taking. The passage across the city of Muscat was unmarred by issues, but memorable for all the people who were waiting at the sides of the roads to cheer me on. The gastric distress I was suffering forced me to briefly stop near Fanja, 90 minutes into the attempt and worryingly, lose close to another half a liter of liquid. Putting this to the back of my mind I continued on, beneath the foothills of Oman’s Hajer mountains until the afternoon, rice cakes and energy drinks fueling me along at close to 38km/h for the first 6 hours, [...]

Jonathan Shubert ride report for Muscat- Salalah, cross country record attempt, Oman2018-03-11T18:57:20-07:00

Anna Mei track records

Record attempt: indoor track 6/12h 100/200/300km indoor track, 100/200mi by Anna Mei Date and location: the attempt has started Sunday Jan 21st 9am, and ended Sunday Jan 21st 9pm in the Tissot Velodrome, Grenchen Swisse, which is famous for the world record attempt of Jens Voight, and Rohan Dennis (1 hour UCI record attempt) Strasser Umca 24h world record. The condition of the ring were perfect. Inside the humidity was confortable and the temperature was between 18 and 21 degrees celtius. Equipment: I decided to ride the record attempt with a fixed, cause I am used to it and I feel faster and better on it. I was considering to ride with a 56X16, 85 rpm, that means to ride 24/25’ a lap, quite  close to 36,5km/h. All year I have been training on short races, to improve  strength and working on the tt position, with my coach Marko Baloh. Watts are always an important data on which we work all days. So my watts pace-race had to be, to beat the Novikova’s record, close to 160 wattage . I’ve been working on this strength measure very  hard,  with constancy and discipline, since  the 12h world champ in Borrego, to one week close [...]

Anna Mei track records2018-02-14T17:18:24-07:00

Alan Johnson HMMR

Rider’s Narrative Summary – HAM’R Month By Alan Johnson I’m a big fan of the WUCA Highest Annual Mileage Record (HAM’R). This year-long record is so far out there, and so hard to comprehend, that it fascinates me. And the athletes! I mean, who are these amazing people and what motivates them to do something so incredibly difficult? I love to read about them. But that’s it. It’s certainly not anything I could ever do myself. But the HAM’R Month is different. It’s only 30 days. With the right planning and preparation, and the help of a really good Crew Chief, it’s doable by even an average rider like me. I recommend it for anyone considering a record attempt and who enjoys riding their bike a lot. Only thing is, and I can’t emphasize this enough…..you have to schedule it for the right time of year if you expect a good result. I didn’t. My primary goal for 2016 was winning the WUCA Year-Rounder mileage competition. Back in late January, while visiting worldultracycling.com, I noticed that the great Gary Gottlieb of Texas had not yet submitted any rides to the WUCA Year-Rounder. Now, anyone who follows the Year-Rounder knows Gary. [...]

Alan Johnson HMMR2018-01-22T03:43:16-07:00

Celso Fonseca Outdoor Track Records

Celso Fonseca Rider Narrative   24 hour outdoor track Celso Fonseca 18/11/2017 - 19/11/2017 Maindy Centre cycle track in Cardiff The conditions were cold, wet, icy and dark. I wanted to achieve a record to inspire homeless people, and also people with mental health issues in order to help them achieve and overcome their adversities. BMC-TIM2-TT bike I ate energy bars and energy gels, I took electrolytes and salts from a company called ‘fekd’. Once my stomach was gone I started eating blended fruits and vegetable soups. The best part was how the officials treated me, how encouraging and supportive they were, while also maintaining their professionalism. I received a lot of support from the crowd who gathered to cheer me on too! The hardest part was a mixture of the poor weather conditions and cramping of my stomach after 9 continuous hours. This prevented me from being able to eat what I had prepared at the times I should have been eating. I was aiming for one world record, and during the 24 hours I was being told I had achieved 5 world records. This was not only confusing but very encouraging. So when it felt like I was [...]

Celso Fonseca Outdoor Track Records2017-12-07T03:04:28-07:00

Joe Barr Ireland North-South-North

Name of Rider – Joe Barr Record:                  North - South – North  / (Malin Head to Mizen Head to Malin Head) Ireland. Country:                 Ireland Date:                      3 / 4 / 5th November 2017 Start Time:            09:10am GMT. Start location:       Malin Head, Co Donegal, Ireland Conditions:            Strong Winds – Rain – 5 degrees Celsius Equipment:            Colnago Time trial bike, 4 spoke carbon wheels. Nutrition:               BRL Sports Nutrition products - Tifuel and Invor8. Best Part:               Overcoming 24 hrs of darkness in the cold. Hardest Part:         The cold. Unusual Event:      Nothing. Exact location:       Malin Head, the most northerly point in Ireland. Finish line by the tower. Finish time:            Sunday November 5th 2017 – 09:48:47s Total Race Time:   48hr -38mins -47s Distance:                735.8 miles Officials: [...]

Joe Barr Ireland North-South-North2017-11-23T03:42:21-07:00
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