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Carpathian Arch Race

1000 Mile +

Carpathian Arch Race


12 Aug, 9:00 am


21 Aug, 9:00 am

Event Category

1000 Mile +



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Support Type

Unsupported (no crew)

Distance (Miles)


Avg. Temp


Race Venue

Cluj Napoca, Cluj

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Closest Airport

Cluj Napoca, Romania

“Carpathian Arch Race” road race named #CAR it is an adventure bike race starting from the city of Cluj – Napoca, Romania, following the Carpathian Mountains, to Bratislava, Slovakia, with 10 fixed checking segments.

About Race

Race Type 1000 Mile +
Competition Type 500 Mile Series
Championship Type NA
Distance (miles) 1550
Average Temperature 20
Road Condition Mixed (some gravel)
Drafting No
Support Type Unsupported (no crew)

About Registration

Carpathian Arch Race #CAR it is an road bike race starting from the city of Cluj Napoca (Romania), following the mountains and finishing in Bratislava, Slovakia. The start is in Apuseni mountains, Transylvania, which belongs to the Western Romanian Carpathians, also called “Occidentali” in Romanian. Their name translates from Romanian as Mountains “of the sunset”. We are pedaling more than 2,500 km, thru a great landscape, checking few breathtaking points. The race is an unsupported one, all the participants must to follow the route, passing the check points, planning the luggage, the sleeping time, the power and strength.

Registration Starts Saturday, December 4, 2021 - 05:00
Participation Fee 220
WUCA Members Discount 200
Permitted Genders Male, Female, Unspecified
Permitted Ages 12-17, 18-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70-74, 75-79, 80+
Permitted Bicycle Types Road (multi-speed)
Event Liability Insurance Acquired NA
Athlete Performance Tracking Yes
Safety regulations required (helmets, lights, brakes, etc.) Yes
On-course support to disabled bikes or injured athletes (SAG, course marshals, etc.) No
Local permits granted NA
Registration Support Email NA

Race Location

Cluj Napoca
Cluj Napoca, 40013, Cluj, Romania
Nearest Airport: Cluj Napoca, Romania

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About Organizer

Organiser Name Cristian Airinei
Organiser Email
Organiser Phone 0040731495897
Organiser Website


Phone no NA
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