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IL24TE – Israeli 6 Hour 2021

6 Hours

IL24TE – Israeli 6 Hour 2021


06 Oct, 6:30 pm


06 Oct, 6:30 pm

Event Category

6 Hours


$200 ILS

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Distance (Miles)


Avg. Temp


Race Venue

Urim Junction

Location Map

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A main loop of 27.6km on quiet, flat, roads south of Tel Aviv.

About Race

Race Type 6 Hours
Competition Type 6 Hour Series
Championship Type NA
Distance (miles) NA
Average Temperature NA
Road Condition NA
Drafting No
Support Type NA

About Registration

Registration Starts NA
Participation Fee 200 ILS
WUCA Members Discount $15
Permitted Genders Male, Female, Unspecified
Permitted Ages 12-17, 18-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70-74, 75-79, 80+
Permitted Bicycle Types Road (multi-speed), Time-trial (multi-speed), Road (fixed single speed), Recumbent (multi-speed), Recumbent (trike), Tandem (same gender), Tandem (mixed gender), Elliptical, Hand-cycle, HPV (fairing or shell)
Event Liability Insurance Acquired NA
Athlete Performance Tracking NA
Safety regulations required (helmets, lights, brakes, etc.) NA
On-course support to disabled bikes or injured athletes (SAG, course marshals, etc.) NA
Local permits granted NA
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Race Location

IL24TE Start
Urim Junction, Israel

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About Organizer

Organiser Name IL24TE
Organiser Email
Organiser Phone NA
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Phone no NA
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