What do I need to race?

To participate, first you need a bike.

Most ultracyclists ride a multi-speed, lightweight bicycle, but many also compete on fixed gear bikes, recumbents, hand-cycles, and tandems.

In some races, if supported by the race organizer, WUCA rules permit faired bikes (with wind-reducing add-ons) (also known as 'human powered vehicles') to compete in separate categories.


Competitive ultra races need you to have the necessary lights, spare parts, nutrition, clothing and hydration to ride healthy and safely.

Just like NASCAR or Formula 1, many racers will be supported by one or more friends or family to serve as their pit crews. As one rider said, "My crew does everything but pedal the bike!"  In a few races, crew support is allowed from vans following a rider. 

Other cyclists show up at events and self-support--grabbing bottles and food from their cars parked in the pit areas!

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