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Introduction to World Ultra Cycling Records

Set a cross-state record or other record! The UltraMarathon Cycling Association recognizes records by gender and age. Records may be set by solo bicycle riders, tandem cyclists and 2- or 4-person relay teams. Record setters receive a WUCA plaque and are recognized in UltraCycling magazine.

Types of Ultra Cycling Records

The World Ultra Cycling Association recognizes the following types of records:

  • cross state (or province) cycling records
  • timed cycling records: 6, 12  and 24 hour (track / road)
  • distance cycling records: 100, 200, 300, 500 and 1000 miles and 100, 200, 300, 500 and 1000 km (track / road). In addition there is a 100,000 mile record which may be attempted in conjunction with the HAM’R.
  • cross country cycling records
  • capital-to-capital records (introduced in 2013)
  • city-to-city cycling records: (historical) new point-to-point records will be considered only for unique cases. Proponents of new endpoints will be asked to show that the new endpoints will have broad appeal beyond their personal interest. For any proposal for new endpoints for a point-to-point record, approval will only be considered for the endpoints, not for a specific route. If approval is given to new endpoints, riders will be able to choose any route between the endpoints
  • highest annual mileage record (HAM’R) (introduced in 2014) – attempt to break the world annual mileage record of 86,573.2 miles (set by Amanda Coker in 2017)! For everyone else, there are records for each age group
  • highest monthly mileage record (HMM’R) (introduced in 2016) – attempt to cycle as many miles in a 30 day period as possible. As for all our records, performance is recognised in all age groups